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The goal of DFW is to provide customers with a cost effect, very reliable, and easy to use Digital Pitot/Static test sets. DFW systems offset the maintenance expense of mechanical units which are known to suffer damage or breakdowns of diaphragms, jewels, and pivots (just some of the commons weaknesses requiring frequent repairs).

Combined with our Texas based in-house calibration lab and regional support facilities, a standardized fleet of DFW products will ensure significant cost savings will be achieved for many years to come. Our customer service and dedication to our clients is the basis of our work ethic, "Committed to Quality, Service and Value with innovative ways to serve your needs". We have built our business on these principles and care more about doing the right thing than being the largest provider of products.

DFW Engineering Department has spent over 20 years in product development for our most prized Pitot/Static test sets, which provide support crews a quick and easy method to meet current FAA regulations pertaining to RVSM Pitot/Static Inspections (F.A.R. 91.411). DFW is currently offering the RVSM Digital Pitot/Static Test Set (DPST-9200A), which interfaces with main pump and sensor unit via a fully automated touch-screen lightweight hand held remote. The DPST-8000M is a manual version of the same highly accurate RVSM Digital Pitot/Static test set but uses an 8" touch-screen to perform measurements.

We also offer Non-RVSM versions in both fully automatic (DPST-7200A) and manual touch-screen version (DPST-5000M). (Additionally DFW has 3-channel Digital Pitot/Static Test set (DPST-9300A) and a 4-channel system DPST-9400A in production).

Some of our other manufactured items include the well-known Universal Pitot-Static Adapter System (ZSAY-3), with pivoting legs and suction cups to accommodate various types of aircraft and helicopters. We have also updated our Night Lights to a more conducive metal frame with LED / NVG lighting, which has a 200,000 hour warranty!

For more information and pricing please contact Mike Kozelka at 214-382-4861 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

**All DFW manufactured products and software is wholly owned and developed onsite by DFW Instrument Corp. All rights are reserved.

New Products In Production!

  • DPST-9300A - 3 Channel AOA Pitot/Static Test Set
  • DPST-9400A - 4 Channel Pitot/Static Test Set
  • DLT-110 – High Accuracy Digital Master Sight Compass


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