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Pitot / Static Isolation Manifold - PSIM-104

Save time and effort in performing multiple system Air Data tests, and increasing aircraft availability by reducing maintenance costs

General Information:

PSIM-104-caps-on-240 The PSIM-104 saves time and effort in performing multiple system Air Data tests, and increasing aircraft availability by reducing maintenance costs. Each pitot-static channel can also be quickly isolated via quick turn (1/4) shut off valves to allow independent isolation of a specific air data systems. The PSIM-104 significantly enhances flight line operations when connected to DFW INSTRUMENTS Digital Pitot/Static Test Sets (DPST-8000M or DPST-9200A).

For use with General Aviation, Corporate, and Military aircraft. It uses manually selected color coded Red and Blue valve systems to connect an air data test set to dual Pilot, Co-Pilot, AOA and Standby Pitot/Static systems simultaneously. Accessories include: Color coded hose set, AN-4 connectors (size options are available). Stowage available within lid compartment.

PSIM-104-kit-thm100 PSIM-104-caps-off-thm100 PSIM-104-box-closed-thm100 PSIM-104-box-3Q-thm100 Img9937-thm340

The PSIM-104 is engineered to quickly isolate multiple air data Pitot / Static systems to identify leaks within the system. It can be adapted to work with any leak test equipment.

Case meets required measurements to fit into overhead compartment in commercial airlines.
Weight 15 lbs., 6.8 kgs.

Download the PSIM-104 Spec Sheet in PDF format.



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