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DPST-9300A RVSM Pitot Static Test Set

"Exceeds RVSM High Accuracy Standards"

General Information:


The Model DPST-9300A Automated RVSM / AOA-3 Channel Pitot Static Test Set is a fully automated flightline three (3) channel pressure controller, designed to provide regulated total (PT) pressure and static (PS) pressure outputs to simulate Altitude, Airspeed, and Vertical Speed parameters. The test set can also be used in a laboratory environment to calibrate Altimeters and Airspeeds in maintenance shops or harsh hanger environments. The test set is compact, light weight, and can fit in the overhead compartment on most commercial airliners.

Standard Features:

  • Certified to perform Reduced Vertical Separations Minimum 'RVSM'.
  • AOA, Angle of Attack / 3 Channel Smart probe testing.
  • Certified to perform Pitot Static FAR 91.411 and/ or FAR 43 Appendix E.
  • Precision microprocessor based with Honeywell sensors, accuracy to +/-0.001% of FS.
  • Temperature compensation sensors for extreme flightline conditions.
  • Calibration is traceable to the National Institute Standards and Technology.
  • Sun-light readable color TFT handheld remote showing real instrument dial presentation.
  • Profiles feature allows custom automated set points for aircraft testing or individual instruments.
  • 50+ profiles can be stored in the systems handheld for line ° ' y service/ remote use. T A'
  • Automatic pitot and static leak rate modes perform leak rate tests.
  • "Go To Ground" feature automatically and safely depressurizes Pitot & Static pressure systems to ambient conditions.
  • Handheld Remote specifications include user-friendly keypad interface, full-function Touch Screen, LED function indicator, Humidity, Method 507.4 and Water, IP67 sealed against immersion, MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4, P-1.
  • Instruments are protected by a power failure feature, which in the event of an interruption to the electrical supply, causes the pneumatic system to automatically lock and allow safe depressurization to ambient ground conditions automatically without operator assistance.
  • Vacuum and Pressure pumps are self-contained with a 5,000 hour cycle to overhaul.
  • Internal pressure and vacuum tanks hold pressures for quick start-ups and high performance rates.
  • Smart AC power supply for safe flightline usage; input voltages 85 to 265 VAC / 47 to 420 Hz.
  • Color coded hoses have self-sealing quick connections to protect aircraft from pressure loss.
  • Test set is equipped with quick connect fittings, 3 (ea.) twenty ft. hoses and one twenty foot terminal cable. Additional cable lengths are available.
  • Storm Case is watertight, padlockable, and made in the USA to meet applicable requirements of MIL-STD-810F and FED-STD101C.

DPST-9200A-Kit-thm100 DFWIC-handheld-thm100 DPST-7200-9200-cart-handle-back-thm100 DPST-7200-9200-cart-handle-front-thm100 DPST-9200A-box-side3Q-thm100 DPST-9200A-box-closed-thm100 HP-hose-coiled-stack-thm100

Download the
DPST-9300A Spec Sheet in PDF format.


Case meets required measurements to fit into overhead compartment in commercial airlines.
Exterior case dimensions:
22"L x 14"W x 9"H
55.1cm L x 35.6cm W x 22.9cm H
Weight 35 lbs., 15.87 kgs.


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