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About DFW Instruments Corporation

DFW Instrument Corporation is an F.A.A. Certified Repair Station as well as a Government Approved Facility.

For more than twenty years, DFW Instrument Corporation’s experience in the aviation community has provided accurate and immediate solutions to fit all aircraft missions safely and cost effectively. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of workmanship from our dedicated and professional support team.

Our company is focused on the business of aircraft flight critical instruments. Our expertise is instrument/equipment repairs, which consist of a wide range of Air Data Equipment, Engine Instruments, Flight Directors, Horizon Situation Indicators, Gyroscopes and various other products. Our Avionics Line Service support team has managed aircraft maintenance requirements for the General Aviation, Corporate Operators and Government/Military Agencies.

As our firm has grown, our experience in the aviation community has continued to provide accurate and immediate solutions to fit all aircraft missions safely and cost effectively. We are tooled with the latest technology for Air Data RVSM certifications, along with specialized Gyro Rotor Balancing equipment to perform intricate sub-assembly overhauls on the most sophisticated gyroscopic instrumentation. Our technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to repair and overhaul aircraft instrumentation and remote equipment. We strongly support the following manufacturers and are dealers for:

• Avidyne Corporation
• Bendix / King
• Flight Display Systems
• Honeywell
• Shadin Avionics
• PS Engineering
• International Communications Group


Our other support resources include hard-to-find aviation instruments, gyros and aircraft ground support equipment. We pride ourselves in seeking out the best price and timely delivery on unique item requests.

Our exceptional Engineering Department has been working  hard for many years to introduce some of our most prized manufactured items that will relieve aircraft support crews to easily test aircrafts for the current FAA regulations pertaining to RVSM Pitot/Static Inspections (F.A.R. 91.411).  We manufacture RVSM Pitot/Static Air Data Test Sets: the DPST-9200A, a fully automated touch-screen version and the DPST-8000M, a manual touch-screen version.  We also offer Non-RVSM test sets: the DPST-7200A, has the fully automated touch-screen and the DPST-5000M, is the manual touch-screen version.  In 2013 we introduced the DPST-9300A, a 3-channel system, and will soon be unveiling the  and the DPST-9400, a 4-channel system.

Another of DFW Instruments manufactured items is the well known Universal Pitot Static Adapter System ZSAY-3, with pivoting legs and suction cups to accommodate various types of aircraft and helicopters.  In addition, we have an emergency battery back option offering 8-16 hours continuous battery run time. This system provides emergency battery backup protection, as well as being completely mobile and portable for line service use.

One more addition to our manufactured items is the Pitot/Static Isolation Manifold or PSIM-104. It saves time and effort in performing multiple system Air Data Leak Tests, and increasing aircraft availability by reducing maintenance costs.  Each pitot-static channel can also be quickly isolated via quick turn (1/4) shut off valves to allow independent isolation of specific air data systems. 

Feel free to contact us via telephone, e-mail or in person to answer any of your questions that you may have.  If you have a specific requirement that needs to be addressed, we can help you with those requests in a timely, sensitive manner.

DFW Instruments Corporation is an Authorized Dealer for the following:

AvidyneBendix KingCobhamFlight Display SystemsHoneywellICGL3 CommunicationsPS EngineeringSandel AvionicsShadin AvionicsSigma Tek



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DFW Instrument Corporation
16445 Addison Road
2nd Floor Hangar 2
Addison, Texas 75001


Toll Free: 888.500.0075
Phone: 214.217.7600
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FAA Certified Repair Station # DZMR112L
Cage Code # 3PTA2 • EASA 145.6555